Be twice as alert - there's more to watch out for!
Driving Tip - Be Alert

Cities and urban areas have the highest concentrations and varieties of traffic, from pedestrians, trams and bicycles to utility vehicles such as garbage trucks. You have to pay great attention to what is going on in front, to the sides and behind your vehicle.

In addition to using the mirrors, look over your shoulder.
Driving Tip - Look over Shoulder

Watch out for blind spots, even if you've checked all your mirrors. Whenever changing lanes or pulling away from the curb, look around to check for other cars or motorcycles.

Signal consistently and well in advance.
Driving Tip - Signal Often

Always signal well in advance when turning or changing lanes. Forcing your way into another lane can cause angry or aggressive reactions.

Develop a co-operative and flexible attitude
Driving Tip - Good Attitude

Concentrate on making allowances for others when they make mistakes. This can help avoid tense situations that can lead to accidents.