Why it is recommendable to use nitrogen or air to inflate your tyres?
It is recommended the use of nitrogen, this inert gas not only eliminates the risk of auto combustion but it reduces ring corrosion.
What to do to reduce the tread wear of the tyre
  • Avoid start and stop the vehicle abruptly.
  • Avoid drive in the edge of the road.
  • Never stack the front tyres of trucks with load.
  • Maintain the tyres far away from cutting edges materials.
  • Avoid material leaking.
  • Avoid slipping your tyres.
  • Verify the stones ejectors are working properly.
  • Avoid drive through flooded spots.
  • Keep wind shield, mirror and lights always clean.
  • Check all your tyres before starting your work day.
What to do to reduce the operational cost?
  • The ramps should not exceed 7% of the maximum inclination. Roads must be big. The roads must have minimum hubs. The curve ratio must be wide.
  • Avoid drive on wet soils.