Goodyear warranties its products against any products problems detected in the farm or industrial tyres originated in the building process after they are reviewed and certified by a Goodyear authorized warranty specialist, according to the following conditions.

  • Farm tires for traction rims: Warranty 7 years.

  • Farm tires for steering rims and farm implements:  Warranty 5 years.

  • Farm tires for vehicles and industrial freight elevators:  Warranty 5 years.

  • Tubes and belts:  Warranty 3 years.


This warranty is for Goodyear tyres only for its first life of the original tread.  On retread and any repairs done by a third party must be warranted by the retreader. The warranty for 7 years for the traction tyres is valid for tyres produced from 2001.  After the authorized warranty specialist reviews the problem, it will be paid the percentage of the tread used, applied to the effective list price and applying the respective taxes.


* This warranty is limited to the coverage to building process problems of the farm and industrial tyres and any problem originated for any other factor not attributable to Goodyear.

  • Use the correct tools for mounting and demounting farm and industrial tyres and lubricants of vegetal base to facilitate it.

  • Inspect the tyres and rims, related to ironworks, nuts, welds or any other rare material, cleaning them with antirust vegetal red.  Never make repairs in hoops or rings with inflated tyres.

  • Verify if the dimensions of the hoops are compatible with the tyres to be mounted.

  • Always use Goodyear tubes with new tyres.

  • In the duplex, combine tyres of the same manufacturer and same construction type, radial construction with radial construction, bias construction with bias construction with the same tread design.

  • Store the tyres in warehouses covered from the sun and rain. Away from petroleum derives, electrical appliances, equipment of weld, batteries and chemical agents.

  • Be sure that when you acquire agricultural tyres, to review the correct application code of the tyre, considering the equipment and the service in which they will be applied.

  • When loading your equipment, pay attention to the load ranges of your tyres. The ALAPA (Latin America Rim and Tire Association regulates the load capacity and maximum speed for farm and industrial tyres.

  • Air pressure is fundamental for a good performance of the tyres. Verify the air pressure, whenever it is possible, with the cold tyres. It never retires the hot air of the tyre. The drain causes irreversible damages to the housing. Follow the recommendations specified by the manufacturer of the equipment and/or manufacturer of tyres.

  • Try to inflate the tyre within safeties (cage), to avoid risks of accidents.

  • Put ballast is a way to enhance the power, traction and the power of the tractor and also to obtain a better advantage of the tyres. The ballasts can be liquid and/or solids.

  • The liquid ballast for conventional agricultural tyres must be of 75%. For radial tyres, if it is necessary to use up to 40% of water.


Any claim will have to be done at an authorized Goodyear dealer, accompanied by the Certificate of Warranty filled with the data of the consumer and/or invoice or receipt corresponding to its purchase. Tyres with belt must be presented for examination with their respective tube and belt (in the case of industrial tyres). Sales representatives will help you or call our Customer Service Department; telephones and e-mail are published in this page.