Fleet Information
Have Goodyear help manage your fleet

Besides offering a complete line of commercial tyres, Goodyear Jamaica guides you through the correct selection of tyres that best meets the needs of your fleet. Business Consultants, with regular visits and a complete analysis of your fleet’s operational conditions, can develop a tyre program that will help you meet your operational objectives.

Consultations and Support

Goodyear offers consultations and support to help establish an efficient and affordable tyre program for companies. These activities are done free of charge. The program includes tyre selection and cost analysis. Business Consultants are prepared to work with you to create a customized program for your company.

Services Offered to Goodyear Fleets

Your fleet will have the best service on the market. Goodyear Business Consultants are trained to offer a variety of technical services including:

  • Technical Orientation Bulletin
  • Fleet Analysis
  • Analysis of Removed Tyres
  • Analysis of Tyres in Service

Goodyear offers training courses at your company.

  • How to assemble tube and tubeless type tyres.
  • Tyre maintenance procedures

Talk to our Business Consultants for more details.

The ideal tyre for you vehicle

Select the tyre for your vehicle.

Goodyear has a wide line of tyres segmented to meet specific needs for each consumer.

  • Different designs for different services: highway, regional, bus, and mixed service.
  • Different designs based on the axel function: steer, drive, traction, tow, semi-tow and free rolling axel.
  • Different types of tyre construction: radials, bias, tube type and tubeless type.
  • Different series: 98, 89, 80, 75, 70, 65.
Our Business Consultants are prepared to guide you through the selection of the tyre for your vehicle and type of use, focusing on the performance of the tyre and the vehicle.
Cost benefit by Km run

How to get a lower cost per kilometer?

  • Implement quality preventive maintenance program.
  • Implement processes focused to save the tyre carcass for future repairing.
  • Optimize the use of the original tread.
  • Optimize the use of retreads.
Goodyear is always with you!

With the support of the Goodyear, our dealer network and complete line of high quality products can satisfy all your needs. Goodyear works in with its customers to help solve the operational challenges of its fleets.