Truck Tyres - General Information

Tyres help to provide many thousands of miles of excellent service. For maximum benefit, tyres must be maintained properly to avoid tyre damage that may result in removal from service before the tread is worn down to minimum depth.

It is not practical to accurately predict the service life of any specific tyre in chronological time since service conditions vary widely. The serviceability of a tyre over time is a function of the storage and service conditions (inflation pressure, load, speed, road hazard injury, etc.) to which a tyre is subjected. Consumers should not rely solely on the appearance of the tyre, but should be aware of any change in dynamic performance such as increased air loss, noise or vibration, which could be a sign to remove the tyre.

Therefore, it is essential to have tyres, including spares, inspected regularly (at least monthly) for proper inflation pressure, damage and tread wear.

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